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haddaway12Haddaway (full name, Nester Alexander Haddaway) is the singer whose name is inseparably linked with Euro-pop and who made great input into the development of dance music. Haddaway was born in Tobago and moved to America when he was 9 years old. He grew up with the sounds of Louis Armstrong’s music, which prompted him at the age of 14 to start playing trumpet and create his first band “Chances”. In 1987, after graduating from college, he moved to Cologne, where he started a successful career in marketing. After some time, he opened his company “Energy”, which specialized in organization of fashion shows and photo shoots. Today his friends control the company’s management; however, Haddaway is still in this business. The first success as a singer came to Haddaway in March 1993 in the UK when he released single "What is Love?".
At the same time, this song has become first on German and US charts and worldwide. After the first success, Haddaway has rapidly gained huge popularity as a solo artist. Next singles also were a great success. Among them were song "Life", which became 6th on euro charts, and electro ballad "I Miss You”. Afterwards, Haddaway presented his debute album titled “The Album", featuring song "Rock My Heart", which reached 9th place on European music charts. Haddaway has gained success all over the world thanks to the rich mix of dance tunes and complex ballads, strong vocal, great charisma and outstanding shows. Today, Haddaway is famous not only for his worldwide hits, but also for his high reputation as a "live" artist - or, more precisely, as a “compere”. Haddaway’s last album "The Drive" was full of both ballads and dance songs, which have immediately become popular among his fans. Haddaway worked in collaboration with Dee Dee Halligan, Junior Torello and Alex Trime. He produced his albums both independently and together with Alex and Desmond Child. One of successful joint works is "Lover Be Thy Name", which became one of the most popular ballads of that time. Haddaway is also famous for his healthy way of life, his high professionalism that over time brought him the glory as one of the most hard-working European artists.


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